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Dear Project Tasveer Family,


Here’s a fact: A single sewing machine can change a woman’s life.  


A sewing machine is one of the many tools Sambhali Trust offers to the Dalit women and children who frequent their centers. I have been lucky enough to witness first hand the incredible work that Sambhali Trust does. Not only do they provide a safe environment for women of all ages to escape their harsh realities - including child marriage, abuse, discrimination, and violence - but they also help these women achieve intellectual and economic autonomy. The younger women and children spend their hours at the center learning academics, self-defense, women’s health care, and other life skills that they may otherwise never learn due to their circumstances. And, of course, a large portion of the time is spent learning how to sew. Once graduating from the center, these women are given a sewing machine, enabling them to become self-employed entrepreneurs selling the beautiful clothes and items they have learned to sew over the years. From bags to salwars, click on the video below to meet Saroj, a graduate I met during my trip to Sambhali Trust's Fatima Center, and listen to her talk about how a sewing machine changed her, and her family's, life.

PROJECT TASVEER IS CURRENTLY PARTNERInG WITH Sambhali Trust IN ORDER TO SUPPORT THEIR efforts in women empowerment and education.


Here is the Math:


1 sewing machine costs $71.

 1 Sewing Machine can be purchased with the profits from 10 Project Tasveer pieces of apparel or prints.

1 Sewing Machine can change a woman's life.



Here’s another fact: We can all be instrumental in ensuring the empowerment and economic independence of these women. 


We have done the math! One sewing machine costs approximately $71 (R5000). Thus, the profits from the sale of just TEN Project Tasveer garments can sponsor the empowerment and economic independence of one woman FOR LIFE. Please join me in supporting Sambhali Trust’s mission and thus uplifting hundreds of women. Buy your Project Tasveer garments today! 



Naomi and the Project Tasveer Team

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