Naomi Deokule ('21) is a current highschool student at The Bishop’s School in San Diego, CA. Project Tasveer stemmed from Naomi’s love for creating and her passion for social justice. From a young age, Naomi has been fortunate enough to regularly visit India. In fact, her most recent visit, a photography and community service trip to Dharamshala in 2018, gave her the idea to use her art to support basic human rights. During the trip, she was able to spend time with the locals, build lasting relationships with the children, and even receive welcoming invitations into their homes! She was amazed at how bright and creative they were, but was saddened by the fact that they did not have access to equitable education, healthcare, or housing. She came back from the trip with lifelong memories, countless photographs, and the desire to help. 


By converting her photographs into graphic design products, she is able to raise money to support aid projects in India. With the money, she hopes to tackle multiple issues by funding specific projects, such as sponsoring a child’s education for a year, providing a hospital with much needed equipment, or funding trauma specialists, working to empower, educate, and rehabilitate women who have suffered from domestic abuse. Naomi is beyond excited to see what the future holds for Project Tasveer, and hopes she can further use social entrepreneurship and creativity to empower and generate lasting change!