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NILagris wynaad tribal welfare society

NWTWS is a non-profit organization based in the Nilagris Wynaad region of South India. They have a residential school for tribal children up to the 8th standard, as well as a hostel learning program for children who come from unstable homes or live far away from school. NWTWS provides not only a rich education, but also essential life skills to improve literacy, raise self-esteem, and ensure a brighter future for this tribal community. On top of this, NWTWS was able to bring essential healthcare to an area with almost no facilities by building a hospital completely free to the underpriviledged.  


Naomi decided to support this nonprofit because she has a strong connection to the region. In the summer of 2015, Naomi, along with her Mom and sister, visited a rural village called Kabini on a service trip. During her trip, she injured her neck and upper back. Unfortunately, the nearest hospital was two hours away and in appalling conditions. People were sprawled on the dirty floor waiting for hours and hours to be treated, and the building seemed close to falling apart. This experience shocked Naomi, but also fostered her interest in global health and the need for equitable healthcare around the world.  


Naomi has therefore decided to partner with this non-profit that runs an amazing hospital in the same region she had visited in 2015. Project Tasveer will specifically be using funds to aid with patient care at NWTWS’s hospital, as well as provide music and art supplies for the school. Thank you for the support and check out NWTWS’s website below to learn more about the incredible work they are doing!

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