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Sambhali Trust is a one-of-a-kind non-profit organization that strives to empower women and children. They help and support those who have experienced discrimination, sexual abuse, and violence in and around Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The women they work with come from extreme poverty and have been deprived of basic healthcare, a complete education, and marital autonomy. They come to Sambhali seeking a safe environment in which they can be cared for, educated, and equipped with the tools to become financially independent.


Sambhali has a total of nine empowerment centers, in which they provide underprivileged women with education, counseling, financial support for legal or medical issues, and income-generating vocational training in sewing and embroidery. The women that come to these empowerment centers go on to create small enterprises of their own, selling hand embroidered and sewn products. On top of this, Sambhali itself has a boutique in which they employ many of these underprivileged women. Sambhali’s work not only allows women who have suffered from domestic violence and other forms of discrimination to be economically independent, but also educates them on human rights and helps raise self-esteem. In addition to the empowerment centers, Sambhali has two boarding homes for young girls, as well as many other ongoing projects that strive to educate, empower, and aid women and children. 


Naomi connected with Sambhali and chose it as the second non-profit to support because she felt as though their work providing women with art and entrepreneurship skills was extremely valuable and really aligned with Project Tasveer’s mission of turning passion into purpose. 

Naomi also visited Sambhali Trust headquarters, and worked at the Fatima Empowerment center! (click here to read about her experience) From this experience, Naomi decided to support Sambhali by generating funds to provide sewing machines for the underpriviledged women at the Fatima Empowerment center! These sewing machines drastically change lives and allow for the women to be economically independent as well as empowered. 


Please check out Sambhali’s website to learn more about their countless inspiring projects and initiatives!

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